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6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Cinematographer

March 1, 2015 No Response

6 Reasons Your Wedding Budget Should Include a Videographer:

Written By A Real Recent Bride

This blog post contains my advice for all of the beautiful brides-to-be out there:  please please budget for a wedding videographer!  I know exactly what you are thinking.  I was recently a bride (married in 2014) and I was very concerned with our wedding budget, just as most of you are.  Weddings can be pricey! Unfortunately, that meant that some compromises had to be made for us.  (Okay, we didn’t really need the elaborate ice sculptures for the desert table.  And we could nix the string quartet for the ceremony!). 

Of course, we were absolutely going to hire a photographer.  Just like with any bride, capturing our special day with photos that we could enjoy forever was No 1. on our list of “must haves.”  Along with the venue, flowers, cake, the dress….these costs certainly add up!  Because of that, I almost made a terrible mistake:  I contemplated skipping the videographer.  Thankfully, my husband talked me into it!  After the wedding, I realized how important it was.  And after a bit of research, I realized that I was not alone in my “almost mistake.” Many brides tend to push the videographer to the bottom of their “must have list.”  Here are the top reasons why I believe that every bride needs to make it a top priority, right up there with photography and the dress:

1. As a bride, you personally miss a good part of the wedding:

The bride spends hours getting ready, putting on beautiful shoes, jewelry, getting her hair done, and doing her makeup.  Her mom and the bridesmaids are with her, and it can be a special moment.  Your husband doesn’t get to see this!  The same holds true for the groom.  How did the guys spend their morning? A videographer (or two) can capture these special bonding moments.   

And what about the fact that the bride is the last one to enter into the ceremony?  My father and I spent the entire moments before the ceremony hiding in a dressing room so that no one would see me in my dress.  We missed the guests arriving and their reactions at seeing the beautiful ceremony space.  We missed seeing my adorable 2 year old nephew (the ring bearer) book it down the aisle and throw the ring pillow directly at my husband!  We missed the wedding party entrance.  But your videographer will capture everything that you missed so that you can watch it all unfold later. 

2. Video is basically a time capsule:

Both pictures and video capture those special moments in time.  However, videos really allow you to see and hear everything about your day.  Do you think you will really remember in 20 years what you said for your vows?  Will you remember your best friend’s speech at the reception? I am betting you won’t remember those important details many years down the road.  And unfortunately, some of your loved ones will eventually pass away one day.  Your videographer will be able to capture them just as they are now.  Imagine watching your wedding film and hearing your grandfather’s voice when you are 50 years old.  A simple photo is just not going to elicit the same emotions.

3. It will let you relive the romance with your spouse for many years to come:

Picture this:  It’s Christmas morning of the year 2030.  You have been married to your spouse now for 15 years.  There are two kids (ages 9 and 6) and a cute golden retriever cuddled up on your couch.  Christmas presents and wrapping paper are strewn haphazardly all over the living room floor.  Your husband hands you one last present.  You open it up, and it’s the DVD of your wedding film.  You haven’t watched the whole film in several years.  Maybe your kids have not even seen it.  You find the old DVD player, hook it up, and relive that special day with your family.  A romantic gesture from your husband turns into a special moment, all because of your wedding film.   

4. The wedding day happens so fast:

By the time the wedding day arrives, you will have spent hours planning every little detail of the day.  Then the day arrives, and it is over in a flash.  Ask any bride and you will hear the same phrases:  “It went by so fast” and “Everything was a blur!”  I remember saying, “Hmmm, I don’t remember seeing that.”  You spend so much time picking out the flowers, the lighting, the table coverings, the napkins, the food, the cake, the place cards.  When you have a videographer, you can relax a little, as you know that this will all be captured beautifully on film, even if you miss it that day.

5. Your Uncle Bob won’t be able to do it:

Sure, it would be cheaper and/or free to have Uncle Bob just bring his video camera.  But as hard as he tries, he is not going to be able to capture your wedding day the same way a professional can.  Professional videographers invest thousands of dollars in special equipment, such as HD cameras, high tech microphones, and professional editing software.  Some videographers even have “drone” cameras now that fly in the air to capture the ceremony area or reception area in a unique and modern way.  Most videographers use several cameras to capture different angles and often, there is more than one videographer present.  Additionally, the finished product with a professional is going to be essentially like a personalized “movie”, with custom music, voice overlays, and an amazing final edit of the best parts of your day. Your video done by Uncle Bob is going to be just that:  a shaky home movie that you might be embarrassed to show your friends.

6. For the millennial crowd, a Social Media-friendly wedding trailer is a must have:

For those of you in the 25 – 35 crowd, I can guarantee that you have seen these trailers online on the various social media websites.  It’s that 3-4 minute short wedding video that your friend from college posted that made you cry just a little bit by the end of it.  You haven’t even seen Stacey in years, and you don’t even know her fiancé, but somehow, this short little video brought you to an emotional state. It’s called the wedding trailer, and it is a staple in any videographer’s wedding package these days.  You can upload it to any website, you can share it with your friends and family by text message or e-mail.  Quite frankly, this was my favorite part of my wedding video package.  I loved sharing it online with my friends and family that could not make it my wedding.  And it’s short enough that everyone will watch the whole thing.  No one wants to watch your full 70 minute traditional Catholic ceremony that you posted online.  But they will take 3-4 minutes while perusing Facebook to stop and watch your beautifully edited little preview trailer.   

If you are looking for a wedding video that is anything but ordinary, contact us at (734) 418-8391 for more details.


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